#BlackCouplesTravelToo - Tulum 2022

A couple of millennials out here breaking the stigma that Black people can't and don't like to travel the world. Two years into the pandemic and we decided to get some trips back on our radar. This was our second trip of the year and here's what we did.....

First off, I’d like to preface this by saying this was STRICTLY an R&R trip, so we did not go a ton of places and participate in a lot of activities. However, if you’re interested in reading about the basics of our trip… stick around (I’ll try not to be too long).

Travel to Tulum/Travel in Tulum:

Tulum does not have an airport at the moment, so you have to fly into Cancun International Airport and then find your way about 1.5-2 hours south to Tulum. There are many options to get from Cancun to Tulum. You can take a bus, or shuttle, book a private car, or rent a car. We booked a private car through Guate Go (linked). It was about $200 roundtrip for the private ride.

Before I go any further, I want to say if you are comfortable driving in foreign locations, rent a car. Getting around Tulum is expensive. The taxis are nothing less than predatory! One taxi tried to charge us the equivalent of 30 USD to drive us 1.3 miles around the corner (with no traffic). But if you’d prefer to not worry about driving while in Tulum, you still have taxis as an option or you can bike or use a scooter if you’re open to traveling anywhere from 5 to 35/40 mins (depending on where you’re going).

If you choose to drive, bike, or take a scooter around Tulum, I recommend downloading offline maps (maps.me is a good one) to assist you with getting around. Cell signal in Tulum is absolute trash no matter what carrier you have (the locals said it as well...but maybe your experience will be different).


I'm sure you already know, but if you don't - Mexico's currency is pesos. It's best to exchange your USD currency before arriving in Mexico. There are ATMs in Tulum, but to save yourself the hassle of paying for expensive taxis and searching for ATMs and currency exchange facilities - do it beforehand. So you have an idea of the currency exchange rate, $ 1 USD is equal to about 20.12 MXN.

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at two places while in Tulum and I’ll give details of them individually (both were Airbnb's). We never like to stay in a tourist area...we always like to stay where the locals are to get the full experience.

The first place we stayed was Casa Libre (linked)

Casa Libre is located in a booming area in Tulum with plenty of bars and restaurants. There’s also lots of real estate and development happening. The apartment was located on the 4th floor and upon entering, we saw the bedroom to the left with large wooden sliding doors, the bathroom was equipped with double sinks, a glass shower, and a partial glass ceiling. There was a kitchen area and there was a patio with a private pool and seating area (video below to see it in detail).

This was my husband's favorite spot the entire time

The second place was called Altar Tulum (linked)

This place was like having your own little private minimalist oasis. It was a studio-type layout with the bed elevated above the common living space. It came complete with a private pool and terrace, all the appliances you need to cook meals, washer/dryer, tv, and they provided complimentary wine and fruit.

The hosts were incredibly responsive (Arturo, Alexander, and Oscar). I had a million requests before and after we arrived and they always got back to me immediately. I would highly recommend staying here if you ever decide to visit Tulum.

This minimalist vibe was everything....I got so many decor ideas!

Trip Highlights:

Anyone who knows me knows that whenever I

go somewhere, I will always do a tour or some form of an educational activity to learn about the culture/history. Being in Tulum, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the Chichen Itza.