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Luvme Hair Deep Wave Headband Wig Review


Hey, y'all! I'm here with my first ever review of a product! I am always going to give y'all the real when it comes to product reviews because I would never want anyone to purchase a product that I gave a positive review when I've never tried it. FYI - I will continue to do these as I come across products that I love. BUT......without further ado, let's get into it! Luvme Hair so graciously sent me a headband wig last month to test out (I'm just now getting around to doing a review because I had braids until the first week of January). Anyway, this gifting was right on time because I had been wanting a headband wig that I could just throw on for my Zoom calls for work, to run out to the store, to workout in, etc. I had been looking at them for quite some time and just thought about how easy and convenient they seemed.

I received their 26 inch, 100% virgin hair, Deep Wave Headband Wig (linked here) in the color natural black, which currently retails for $274.90 with their sale (use my promo code cb2styles to get 23% off your purchase)! The initial packaging was damaged in transit, but it was still cute (you can see a video below of my reaction taking it out of the packaging). Inside the package, I received the actual headband wig, 5 headbands, some faux lashes, a wide-tooth comb, a pair of earrings, a keychain, a scrunchie, and press-on nails.

Upon removing the wig, it was very soft to the touch. I know that the longer a wig is, the higher the density should be for thickness. I will say that the density of this wig is not what I expected it to be for the length. I would expect at least 200% density for a wig that's as long as 26 inches, but the density honestly looks to be between 125% - 150%. It thins out as it gets toward the end, but I don't think that's a deal-breaker. The wig did have a strong chemical odor, but that's nothing that can't be fixed immediately with a good wash and conditioning session (this usually happens when the wig is sanitized because the hair comes from a donor). After washing the hair, I used Mielle leave-in conditioner and curl cream to define the waves. This wig combed out effortlessly and there was minimal shedding which was amazing!!

I've now been wearing this wig daily for three weeks to see if it would begin to tangle or shed and it hasn't done so. So my overall impression is that I love it and I completely think it's worth it. The price is super affordable, the quality is nice, and it has completely taken the hassle out of getting ready for work each day. I'll definitely be purchasing my own in another style.


After wearing this unit daily for three weeks, I decided to wash it and give it a refresh. Here's a video of what I did to take care of it to make it look like new! This is the second time I've washed this headband unit, so you'll really get a feel of how well you may like it.

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