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Cheri's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Links to purchase all items have been provided. Simply click where it says "here" for each item.

I know everyone is looking forward to the Black Friday sales happening this week, and we cannot forget the following Monday's "Cyber Monday" sales! This is the time where I purchase all of my holiday gifts for Christmas. So if you're looking for some gifts that people will for sure find useful or love, look no further! Please keep in mind that this was not meant to be an exhaustive guide with ideas. However, peruse through and you may even find something you want!

For Her

Looking for some gift ideas for a fellow mom, sister, friend, or significant other? Here are a few ideas!

Let's get those steps in with this rose-colored Fitbit. This Fitbit has built-in Amazon Alexa technology and touchscreen capabilities. Get one here.

Who said black people don't need sunscreen? Sunscreen should be worn all year long. Keep your skin health in order by purchasing this Black Girl Sunscreen here for your favorite melanated woman! Their future skin and dermatologist will thank you!

Ditch those expensive trips to the nail salon for a full gel set and do it yourself. This UV LED nail lamp with 4-time settings is guaranteed to leave you with the manicure of perfection. Grab one here and let me know how you like it (I love mine)!

What's one thing I can never go to sleep without? A silk pillowcase! Silk pillowcases help to keep moisture in your hair and also prevent friction that can cause hair breakage. Get yours here! It also comes with a matching silk sleep mask!

Sam Edelman faux fur, open-toe slippers for that touch of glamour at home. Get a pair here and feel like you're walking on clouds!

Tom Ford deluxe mini lip colors for the beauty lover in your life! Full coverage, a satin finish and long-lasting color. It can be purchased here.

For Him

Put these holiday sales to good use and purchase a gift for that special man in your life, whether it's your father, significant other, friend, brother, or another family member!

Play that music all night long! Grab a JBL waterproof speaker here and you'll enjoy 12+ hours of uninterrupted tunes before having to recharge.

Gone are the days of earphones with cords. Pick up a pair of Apple AirPods Pro here and enjoy more than 24 hours of listening time, noise cancellation, and more.

Buy a Fitbit here for that man in your life and allow him to keep track of his workouts and overall physical activity.

LL Bean Moccasin Slippers with memory foam cushioning and genuine Australian shearling can be purchased here as the perfect gift for those who like extra foot support while at home.

Tracksuits for the win........

This two-piece relaxed tracksuit can be worn all year long. This suit is comfortable and can be taken from lounging at home to running errands. Step up and purchase one here!


The Ninja Air Fryer is an amazing gift for anyone and is a gift that you won't have to worry about being regifted! This gift is super affordable and it does more than fry! This kitchen appliance will roast your vegetables, dehydrate your food, and reheat anything you need without drying it out. Purchase it here on Amazon!

For all the coffee lovers out there who can't get their day started without it, this Keurig single-cup will be the perfect Christmas gift. Who can resist a 60 oz water reservoir, allowing you to make 6 full cups before having to refill again. And don't forget that you can also make those lattes and cappuccinos that you covet from Starbucks for half the price! Click here to purchase this for a loved one or friend!

This gift is for those people who love to cook! Cut down the time they spend in the kitchen by gifting them this one-stop-shop for all things delicious... the Instant Pot! Go ahead and tell them to toss out their crockpot because they can now make everything using this one appliance. The Instant Pot is a rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and pressure cooker. It even sautes food, and can make a host of other things such as grains, poultry, soup, yogurt, chili, etc. I can vouch that this is worth every penny, and is a budget-friendly kitchen appliance. You won't be disappointed. Click here to purchase.

If you're anything like me, you like for your home to smell good. What’s better than using an oil diffuser? You can also purchase organic essential oils to go along with it! You can purchase it here!

Are you always cold? I know I have a friend who is cold no matter what the thermostat is on. If you're anything like her, this weighted blanket is the perfect gift for that extra warmth whether you're in bed or chillin' on your sofa. Purchase here.

I prefer to have order in my cabinets and I'm also not one to use plastic storage containers for food because of BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals in plastic. That's why I've opted to use all glass or stainless steel storage containers at home. I purchased multiple sets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I'll never turn back. These are easy to use and of course, it's dishwasher friendly! Grab a set for yourself and someone you know here!

I know COVID has made all of us more sensitive to how pure the air is in our personal spaces. Get peace of mind with this True HEPA Air Filter which will sanitize your air, killing 99.7% of particles! Purchase yours here and worry less about what may be floating around in your air space!

You can never go wrong with a cutlery set! This Tools of the Trade set comes with 15 pieces in total. See if this is the right gift for you or someone else here.

This stainless steel, non-skid mixing bowl set is perfect for baking those cakes or making those pancakes on Saturday morning! These are dishwasher safe and easy to store. Get yours here!

If you want my opinion, NOTHING cooks food better and more evenly than cast iron sets. Get a pre-seasoned set here and you'll be on your way to making food that no one can resist.

Calling all neutral decor lovers! Pick up this ceramic candlestick holder as the ultimate minimalist decor piece. You can get it here.

Grab a plush, faux fur blanket while you drink that cup of hot chocolate or coffee while watching your favorite show in the living room. This blanket will be perfect as a decor piece and to keep you warm in style. Pick up one here.

This perfectly diamond-shaped set of crystal drinking glasses adds the perfect touch of glamour to that 6 pm whiskey you've been craving. If you've been dreaming of a great set or know someone who has - pick it up here. If you're feeling fancy, grab the matching carafe to go with it (purchase here).

Searching for pure opulence? Search no further than this gold velvet reversible comforter set. Get one here.

Unisex Gifts/Stocking Stuffers

Here is a gift that can be given to anyone or used as stocking stuffers. Guaranteed to be used by anyone who receives them!

Sisosock has amazing plush socks that are perfect for the fall and winter seasons to keep you warm. They come in an array of colors and in packages of 5! Super affordable and extra plush. You can purchase them here on Amazon!

Gifts for Designer Lovers

Everyone doesn't want to break the bank for holiday season gifts. However, if you have someone who loves designer items, do not fret - I have the perfect items to get them for a fraction of the designer's price. My first choice for certified authentic designer items would be to go to Fashionphile. This website is amazing and sells all preloved designer items for pretty affordable prices (handbags, shoes, sunglasses, belts, etc.). You can satisfy your own personal designer desires or those of loved ones with the purchase of a Fashionphile gift card.

I hope this gift guide gave you some ideas for those last holiday sales coming up! If you want to see more like this, let me know! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and on Facebook! Subscribe to my newsletter that will go out once every two months with updates on newly posted blogs, product reviews, style tips, giveaways, and more!


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