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Fall Wardrobe Must-Have Items for Men

Who said you need a million items to curate your fall looks?

Welcome to the fall season! This is my favorite season (by far), but it can also be the most confusing when trying to determine what to wear. You can wake up in the morning with cold weather and then it'll be hot by the afternoon. This is the season for layering pieces that can easily be set aside if you get too warm. Because of this, you'll need some staple pieces that can be worn in multiple ways that will allow you to maximize your outfit options, while also remaining comfortable during the fall season. For this blog, I went through my husband's closet and picked out some items that he wears during the fall. A big plus is that a lot of these items can be taken into the winter season as well. Let's get started!

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Faux Leather/Leather Jacket - Leather or faux leather jackets are a great layering option for any fall outfit. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that he has worn this jacket in multiple photos. The great thing about leather/faux leather jackets is that it also gives your look the "edge" that you need to elevate your look. Not to mention, it's an item that will never go out of style.

Structured Blazer - Structured blazers are perfect for dressing any look up or down. You want a blazer with stiff shoulders and a tailored waist. Take this blazer for a test run to a semi-casual wedding, buttoned up with a pair of your favorite slacks, or wear it unbuttoned with your favorite pair of denim and loafers for a chic look.

Flannel Shirt - Flannel shirts are a go-to men's option for fall. They can be worn with a nice pair of slim fit denim jeans or chinos. Top your outfit off with a pair of your favorite boots or loafers and your outfit will be complete!

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Vest - These are a great option for fall when the weather is unpredictable. Vests are stylish, but also protect your chest and neck (if zipped up) from the brisk air. They can be worn over long-sleeve shirts and hoodies. They're also perfect for any body type! Worn in the picture above, this vest has a classic look, with a zip-down detail, and two slash pockets to store your keys or wallet.

Zip-down (or button-down) Sweater - Zip-down sweaters can easily be paired with slacks, your best chinos, or denim. You can take this look from the workplace to the after-work happy hour. Make sure this sweater is made of quality material and you will be ready to tackle the fall season in style.

Sweatshirt - Much like a hoodie, sweatshirts are great layering options for this season when the weather is slightly cool, but not cool enough for a coat. Known as "athleisure", sweatshirts can give you a variety of looks from preppy, to street style, to classic. But what's most important is that it's a practical option when picking a fall outfit. Layer the sweatshirt over your favorite button-down and pair it with a denim jacket for a casual street style look.

Hoodie (preferably one of a neutral color) - If the men out there are anything like my husband, you live for comfortability. No item screams comfort like hoodies. Hoodies are soft, comfortable, and feel like clouds (at least that's how they should feel if you've purchased a quality one). I don't think he could live without hoodies during the fall and winter seasons. This is my husband's most coveted item and he will grab it out of the closet before anything else. Just like sweatshirts, they are an excellent layering option, but can also be worn alone.

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Chinos - Chinos are an option that every man needs in his wardrobe. When picking chinos, be sure to choose a color that can be paired with various colors. I would suggest a good olive-colored, cream/tan pair. Slim fit chinos are usually the best option in my opinion if you want to always have a tailored look.

Denim - First and foremost let's state for the record that good denim is the ultimate staple to have in your wardrobe. From the lightest wash to the darkest, from slim fit to tapered, there's nothing like a good pair of well-fitting denim! Good denim is timeless and has endless outfit options. A good pair will take you through all four seasons of the year (if you'd like to see a men's denim blog, let me know!).

Sweatsuit - There is nothing like a good sweatsuit for the fall. These are perfect for running errands, stepping out for a get-together, or simply as loungewear. Either way, you will always look completely put together.

Wide Brim Fedora - I love a good hat! I purchased a few for the hubby and I have him pair them with various outfits. The good thing about a wide brim fedora is that it is a timeless item. It will be worn for years to come and can instantly turn a basic outfit into "very dapper".

Boots/Loafers - Boots are the perfect footwear for the fall season because they can be dressed up or down (and some of them may also weatherproof). Stores that sell some of the best boots and loafers for men are Johnston & Murphy, Allen Edmonds, and Jos A Bank. (Pics of boots are soon to come..... there are so many!)

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