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The Wedding Guest Lookbook

Wedding season never looked so good

Wedding season is officially here ( season will begin once COVID-19 is under control)! BUT.... once the spring season begins, you can guarantee that you’ll find wedding invitations in your mailbox. Because of this, it's sometimes hard to figure out what to wear to spring weddings depending on what the bride and groom have decided as the attire choice for guests. However, no one says that you have to stick to the traditional black-tie type of clothing for weddings (this goes for men and women…although we will do a post with black-tie wedding attire soon as well). My personal wedding preference is cocktail or casual attire (but not casual as in you’re going to the park…let’s be crystal CLEAR).

With those two options for attire, you have an abundance of choices and most times the outfits you choose will fall under either category. We originally had several weddings to attend this spring and summer, so I thought I would share some of the looks we would have worn. We never want to outshine the bride and groom, but we still want to feel like a million bucks! Check out some of these looks and comment to tell me what you think about them or whether you plan on purchasing something similar. Details on where the outfits were purchased and the prices can be found below as well.

*****Now let’s get to the looks***

A little something for the ladies

This first look I’m in is definitely a statement dress. If you don’t want to fit in, this dress will for sure make you stand out. The colors to choose from were blue (what I currently have), white, yellow, pink, and red. I was immediately obsessed with the ruffle detailing on the shoulders and the super plunging neckline (anyone who knows me knows that I LIVE for a plunging neckline even with DDD’s and all... or a dress with a good leg split Lol). Anyway, I’m playing around with what shoes I want to wear, but for now, I’m stuck between clear, lucite heels or my white heels. Most likely, I’ll pair this with a silver clutch. By the way, this dress is made from polyester and has 5% elastane which is a win for me when I want to remain comfortable for hours. 

Purchased From: Pretty Little Thing

Retail Price: $145.00 (I got the dress for 40% off)

I got this dress for a steal! It may not look like it, but it is super comfortable and fits well. Not to mention, I received so many compliments from strangers while wearing it.

The second look is a one-shoulder tiered frill shift dress (as described on the website). I paired this dress with clear lucite heels. This dress is fun, flirty, and extremely girly which is different from what I usually wear.  This dress was definitely another favorite of mine and got me many compliments.

Purchased From: Pretty Little Thing

Retail Price: $82.00 (I got the dress for 50% off)

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these looks and want to know my size for reference, my measurements are 36DDD, 29, 42. I'm wearing a size 8 in all the dresses from Pretty Little Thing.

In my honest opinion, although this dress is cute, it was extremely uncomfortable to sit in. This dress has absolutely no give. However, if you're comfortable with that, it's a great buy!

I may add to more wedding looks for the ladies to this blog, so check back for updates!

Now on to the wedding looks for the men...

I wanted my husband to match my first look, so I put him in slim fit blue trousers and the matching vest. I opted to ditch the suit jacket because I don't believe that men should always have to wear suits to a wedding. He’s wearing a baby blue shirt underneath to offset the darker blue, but to also compliment my dress. 

Purchased From: ASOS

Retail Price: $96.00 (The trousers and the vest were $48.00 each)

His second look is a 3 piece, light grey, slim fit suit. I picked this look because I wanted the suit to be tailored, but also wanted him to feel comfortable. The best part is that the jacket has internal pockets and the outside pockets are also functional (functionality is key for men since I know men carry their wallet, keys, and phone).  This suit can take you to multiple events during the spring and summer.

Purchased From: ASOS

Retail Price: $167.00 (Suit jacket = $87, trousers = $40.00, & vest = $40.00)

His final look is a forest green two-piece set. Once again, decided not to wear the jacket because you should always have the option not to wear them during warm seasons. But this look is classic and can be worn no matter what the chosen attire is for the couples' upcoming nuptials.

Purchased From: ASOS

Retail Price: $80.00 (The trousers and the vest were $48.00 each)

This outfit got the hubby many praises (thanks to me for dressing him, lol). If you're interested in his shoes, they're from Allen Edmonds and they run about $250.00.

Get Inspired by Style

I'll update this blog with more wedding looks as we wear them after the pandemic.

If you liked these looks or if you'd like to see more looks like the ones in this blog, drop a comment below and follow me on Instagram at @cbstyles and send me a message! Thanks for reading! :-).

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