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Vacation Essentials

Keeping things simple for what's needed.

Hi! I'm Cheri B. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite vacation essentials that I must have whenever it's summer and time for a trip. This blog post won't cover everything, but just a few items that I think we should all take with us whenever heading somewhere that has a beach.

Little Black Swimsuit

“Whether you're wearing a black bikini or a one-piece, the minimalistic option for a swimsuit will always be best.” - Cheri B.

If you're anything like me, when it comes to articles of clothing, you tend to reach for anything black. Out of habit, I gravitate to black. Black is old school glamour, it's simple and everyone looks great in it. Oh - and let's not forget that there are many benefits to wearing a black swimsuit. To name a few: they're flattering, not see through, and they're chic!

Foldable Straw Visor, Sunscreen, & Oversized Towel

If I am going on vacation to a place that has a beach (or a warm climate, period), you will NOT catch me without my foldable straw visor. I have foldable straw visors in many colors. I love them because they're compact and easy to travel with. I am all for living my best life in the sun, but I am also all about protecting my skin (we don't do skin cancer around here). Also, if I plan to spend time on the beach, I need my face to be covered so I do not melt away and my BB cream doesn't melt as I attempt to look decent for my beach photos. Second, I MUST have sunscreen. Whoever said that you don't need sunscreen because you're brown, LIED. The sun knows no complexion and anyone can get sunburn or skin cancer from constantly being exposed to the harsh rays with no protection. I take my sunscreen everywhere and lather myself up with it (I even use sunscreen daily, not just at the beach). You'll thank yourself later for doing this as you get older. An oversized towel is another item that you will need. If you plan on taking a dip in the pool/ocean, you'll want a towel to dry off so you won't drip as you walk back through your hotel lobby. You'll also need it as you take an evening nap on the sand under your beach umbrella. If you're taking any trips soon, I'd love to hear about it and see your photos. Send me an email or tag me on Instagram @cb2stylelookbook or use the hashtags #cb2styles #thatsCheriB.

Lipstick and a Fanny Pack

“A black swimsuit and a red lip.”

While on the beach, I don't like to bring my regular handbags that I have to carry. I always opt for a fanny pack, crossbody bag, or a stylish backpack. I do this to keep my hands free. For my upcoming vacation with my girls, I plan to take my fanny pack. It'll be worn on and off the beach. It will hold all the necessities that I need (my phone, my ID/debit card, lipstick, mirror, and travel lotion). Did you read when I said it will hold my lipstick? I should have been more lipstick to be exact. I love a red lip. There are so many variations of red lipstick, you're bound to find one that works for your complexion. Two of my favorite brands of red come from ColourPop and MAC (Rihanna's Ruby Woo).


No trip is complete without a camera. I know we are in the day and age where our cell phones are just as good as any professional camera. BUT........if you have a professional camera, don't let it collect dust while you are on these trips. Pack that camera and document every moment possible for memories. This is also a good option if you plan on turning your phone off while on vacation to just unplug from the world. Tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you!

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